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TRIAD Recording Complex


Total Recording In Another Dimension.


Our Mission is to be the go-to studio for making significant records.


Our Strategy is to Find Talent, Inspire Genius, and Capture Magic!


This is the place to make great records Live, Loud and Late!


TRIAD Recording Complex is considered by most musicians to be the best recording studio in RI, and is considered by many as the best recording environment in New England. How did we come by that reputation? TRIAD Normandy Sound, our Warren RI location, has been in business since the late 1970’s. During that time Normandy Sound, under the ownership and direction of multi platinum selling and Grammy winning engineer/producer Phil Greene, recorded many of the iconic artists and hit records of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. These artists include national and international hits such as New Kids On The Block as well as regional breakout artists such as The Dropkick Murpheys, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Amie Mann (Til Tuesday), John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band (multi platinum selling Eddie and The Cruisers Soundtrack) and hundreds of other artists. Clearly this studio is a hit making machine, and has been for decades.


Since being purchased and renovated by Tony Ricci and the staff at TRIAD Recording in 2012, Normandy Sound (now TRIAD Normandy Sound) is back, with Phil Greene as the Artist-Producer in Residence.




Picking up where he left off, Phil and TRIAD Chief Engineer Matt Ricci have already had another Number One Hit single on the Billboard Charts with Tavares’ “Heaven 24/7”, and a Billboard Top 10 charting album with Grant Maloy Smith. Talk about getting right back in the saddle!


While acoustics don’t change, technology does. TRIAD kept the lovingly built and acoustically superb tracking rooms, with their varnished knotty pine walls and unique asymmetric design, but revamped the control rooms into state of the art digital setups. TRIAD Normandy Sound now features dual 27″ touch screen control surfaces and high end Apogee digital convertors. This system is fed by a hand picked collection of the best in classic, vintage and modern recording gear. An extensive mic closet covers all the bases for any size tracking session. Finally, the studio features a full size grand piano, Yamaha and Tama studio drum kits, and a variety of instruments and amplifiers to use on your projects at no additional cost.


Great audio production isn’t just about impressive rooms and gear.


It’s about people and creativity. Its about knowledge and experience.


At TRIAD you will find a knowledgeable well trained staff of professionals who are friendly, helpful, talented, fast and focused. Preproduction consultation and in-studio production advice are free with every project.


We respect your talent and your vision. We’re professionals, we get it.




In addition to our primary recording facility, TRIAD also offers a Pro Tools HD equipped Studio-B Production Room featuring a 24-channel moving fader Avid Control24 studio console with a Yamaha 2.1 (or 5.1 surround sound) monitor system and a powerful subwoofer. It also features a Korg MIDI keyboard, Avid Eleven guitar and bass amp modeler and a vocal station with a condenser mic, professional pre-amp/EQ/compressor and room-eliminating Reflection Filter.


TRIAD Studio-B is an ideal place to work out songs, track demos, edit, pre-mix, mix or learn audio production (with our TRAC Engineering course, featured elsewhere on this web site) at a lower cost than booking out the sprawling main studio. This room is also available to outside producers who want a large format mixing console and full range monitors to final-mix their projects.


Question: What if I have lyrics written and a song in my head, but no band, can I still record?


Answer: Absolutely! Arranger/Composer Jon Brennan, can help you bring the rest of your song to life in our Studio-B Production Room, as well as doing basic (karaoke-style) vocal-over-music demo recordings.


TRIAD WaveCave is our second location, in New Bedford MA.


This ground-up studio build while smaller than the TRIAD Normandy Sound location, was also acoustically supervised by Phil Greene. As a result, The WaveCave has one of the best sounding drum tracking rooms in New England. A well tuned tracking room, bunker-grade isolation rooms and an impressive acoustic reverb chamber define the massive sound of The WaveCave.

Hip Hop till you (Bass) drop!

In addition to being a great room for full band tracking with lots of visual contact and a fine collection of instruments and amps available, The WaveCave has become the go-to studio in the South Shore area for Hip Hop and R&B production. Producer Alex E creates modern beats and coaches vocal performances in a way that has him booked day in and day out. Alex can also help with your photo and video promo needs.


Oh, so you want to do it yourself?


TRIAD’s Chief Engineer Matt Ricci teaches an immersive one-on-one mentorship based recording program called TRAC (TRIAD Recording Arts Certification). This course is a comprehensive, hands-on college level program that will teach you everything from the basics of sound to advanced tracking and mixing techniques where every step is demonstrated live in the studio. Unlike YouTube, you will do all the miking, editing, and mixing with a master engineer as your personal mentor, as well as participating on real client sessions.


In short, if you need professional quality recording, mixing and mastering, or you want to learn how to record, mix and master yourself, TRIAD is for you!


Call Studio Manager Brandon Provencal now (at 401-626-1713) to book a no-pressure tour and meet the staff.


We look forward to hearing for you!