Duel of the Beats | TRIAD judges & Prizes

Duel of the Beats | TRIAD judges & Prizes


June 18th, 2017


Written by Madelyne

On Thursday June 15th, three of TRIAD’s producers, Matt Ricci, Alex Enamorado, and Brandon Provencal, judged 3rd Shift’s very first Duel of the Beats at Aurora in Providence! Eight expert beat-makers performed their best pre-made beats (one even created a beat on the spot) against one another, sending four to the semi-finals and two to the finals. Clark Work and Jay Fuentes won the final spots and after 16 minutes of sharing their best beats, 3 judges voted for Jay Fuentes and 3 voted for Clark Work, leaving TRIAD’s producer Brandon Provencal to make the tie breaking decision. For Brandon it came down to the “beat competition” and although Clark Work’s track was excellently done, it was a fully tracked song rather than a self-contained beat, crowning Jay Fuentes the first ever winner of Duel of the Beats with a grand prize of $100 gift card to Guitar Center and 2 hrs free studio time with the producers at TRIAD. In the end, the judges agreed that Jay was consistent throughout the competition and had something special that won him #1 spot and grand prize!

Special shoutout to other fantastic contestants:


Larry Ohh

Peter Colarusso

Sound Village

Atto Pilot

Yola Beats

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