Jon Patrick Brennan, Shoshana, & “The Need”

Jon Patrick Brennan, Shoshana, & “The Need”


July 17th, 2017


Our studio arranger, Jon  Patrick Brennan, has been working on a Rock and World Beat arrangement blend of Shoshana’s upcoming song “The Need”, which will be released under the name ‘Shoshana, Defiant Diva’.


Jon has built the MIDI arrangement around Shoshana’s piano and scratch vocals. Drums and percussion are played by George Correia, and acoustic and electric guitar tracks were sent in by Shoshan’a friend, Steve Lucas – a NJ based session player and the protégé of Les Paul.


The finishing steps to this project will be applied by Jon, expanding upon the cello part that he has written, adding violin and viola, recording the live string trio and lastly the vocals. Phil Greene will be mixing and producing “The Need”.


Shoshana is a Roger Williams University graduate and the director/tutor at Renaissance Music Center where she widely believes in the Bel Canto technique. She has worked with producer Martin Birch in Munich on the “RAINBOW” album with Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore. She has also performed many notable roles with the Bel Canto Opera Company of Rhode Island, The Opera Company of Boston and the Kaji Aso Insititute for the Arts.


Listen to live drum tracking for “The Need” here:


Call us or send a message if you have any interest in working with Jon Patrick Brennan on writing a song or arranging something that you already have started!

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