1. Expert analog and digital recording in all musical styles – Opportunity is knocking.


2. Over 100 album releases- including 6 Grammy considerations since 2005.


3. Over 18 years experience– Trained and accomplished producer and engineers and Berklee graduates.


4. Tracking with 24 simultaneous tracks– “Yes, you’ll hear and feel the difference”.


5. ProTools and Digital Performer editing and mixing– get it exactly the way you want it. Bring us any type of file.

6. Wide selection of classic, vintage and modern outboard gear– “there’s a reason pros still insist on quality outboard gear”.


7. A pile of really great microphones– microphones are audio paintbrushes – color inside or outside the lines.


8. Mixing and Mastering specialists– the critical final steps, let an expert help you take it up a notch.


9. Live/Location Recording Services– tired of saying “We’re way better live”?  We offer Multi-track audio and Multi-camera video recording at your church, club gig, recital hall, or band room.


10. Hourly or Per-song/Per-project rates- we respect your vision and your budget. Give us a call!