TRIAD Recording Complex: a short history.


At TRIAD Recording Complex, our goal is to help artists achieve their musical vision, and create recordings that stand the test of time.


To achieve this, we have assembled a team of musically talented, friendly, helpful and high-integrity producers, engineers, and support staff.


In 1992, TRIAD started in Warwick, RI with a beautiful analog 24-track recording studio, designed by renowned NYC studio designer James Falconer. As the studio grew in reputation and popularity, we added a second studio, cleverly called “Studio-B”. After 10 years of making great records, the building we were in was sold for condo’s and it was ”everybody out of the pool”. Drat!


After freelancing for a few years as well as working out of a well equipped home studio while a small mountain of pro recording gear sat in storage, TRIAD relocated into The Music Complex in Pawtucket, RI. Things went great, so we expanded the control room, added a soundproof lounge (which usually doubled as a recording room, with a pinball machine and couches, as so often happens with studios), and made more great records.


We were expanded as far as we could in our Pawtucket space, so in 2003 we built a second studio in New Bedford, MA called TRIAD WaveCave. This was a “from the ground up” design of our ideal tracking room and features a large control room, plus several good-sized isolation booths with respectable visual contact and terrific soundproofing. The excellent main tracking room was made superb by the addition of an acoustic reverb chamber that gives that “Zeppelin” drum sound on demand.


After vowing we would never go through that type of detailed construction project ever, ever again, we discovered we had lied to ourselves. Ouch. When the most successful and respected studio in New England became vacant and available, we knew it was time to step it up yet again. Normandy Sound in Warren RI had a stellar history of major label artists producing multi-platinum and Grammy winning recordings in that space. How could we not?


The massive renovation to restore Normandy to it’s former glory and even modernize the facility for the new millennium proved to be exactly the kind of all consuming, exhausting project we were afraid of. It was also a labor of love and an opportunity to provide the Rock Star Experience to our clients. We just couldn’t stop making it better. It went like this,  “well, we’ve gone this far already, what’s one more awesome upgrade”? Tick-tock, tick-tock, $ Ka-ching, $ ka-ching, $ ka-ching…


In the end, we don’t regret one dollar or one hour spent making the new TRIAD Normandy Sound the studio of our dreams. From the 6’1” Wurlitzer grand piano and the dual 27” Raven touch screen control surfaces, to the stunning 1000-watt in-wall Control Room loudpeakers tuned by master acoustician Phil Greene, TRIAD Normandy Sound is everything we hoped for. It has the look, the sound, the vibe and the potential to continue the amazing legacy of hit records Normandy has been known for. We even got to keep Grammy winning producer and mixer Phil Greene!



So, now we’re finishing a nice on-site open floor plan Band Room with sleeping for 6 for the use of our clients from out of state, or out of the country. TRIAD Normandy Sound is located two blocks from the water and one block from the 40-mile long Bristol Walking and Bike Path in an artsy seaside community only 20 minutes from Providence and 30 minutes from Green International Airport.


Our first client on the day we opened was Butch Tavares of the band Tavares, who had recorded their Billboard charting albums at Normandy back in it’s heyday. We’ve been booked solid ever since, which makes it hard to finish construction; not that we’re complaining! We’ve already converted one of the front offices into a separate Pro Tools HD Production Studio room and the clients seem thrilled with the options and results they are getting.


To quote hip-hop artist Divine, “The Legacy Lives”.